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Welcome to the SOUND CHISEL:The audio path from start to finish is the highest quality.

The SOUND CHISEL is a project audio and video recording studio operated by Professor Bob, a local Greater Binghamton Area musician since the 60's and a college professor of audio arts.

The SOUND CHISEL (SC), available only by appointment, is the studio where you can obtain professional multi-track recordings of your projects at an affordable price. SC is especially cost effective for solo artists and small ensembles. The Sound Chisel also recently added Video Capability using a multi-camera shoot on a talk show set and several portable video cameras.

The Sound Chisel uses only high quality cutting edge tools to produce professional results. And if you like, Professor Bob can be your session musician taking advantage of his numerous excellent instruments.


David McGrathThe main work horses here are SONAR X3 Producer, Pro Tools 10,
Wirecast Pro 7, vMix 19, and Edius Pro 8.

The SOUND CHISEL can handle large or small track counts in any combination of audio, MIDI. And you can hire Bob as a consultant in your studio or we can work together at SC. You can email me by clicking this link <-- I am a click away.

 Pro Tools 9

Quick info:

Bob's favorite past time.

I play guitar, bass, synthesizer, sing and do voice over work.

Professor Bob is an adjunct professor at SUNY Broome Community College. He has taught sound engineering and other music related courses. From time to time he sits in with various bands in the greater Binghamton area.

If you have a project you need recorded,
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