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BCC MUS-160 Spring 2016:

MUS-160 Final project Guidelines and requirements

Mus-160: Sound Engineering 1
Meeting: Room AT-023
Section 01: MW 12:00 - 1:40

Your final project for this course is to create an audio project implementing as many of the lecture, lab and reading concepts as possible using Pro Tools on the iMac computers in the lab area.


  1. You have to use 1 or more microphones to capture all your audio events. No pre-recorded sounds are acceptable unless they travel through the air into a microphone you personally placed to capture the sound(s).
  2. Your total track count can be as few as 2 tracks but no more than 5 tracks.
  3. Your project must be at least 2 minutes but no more than 7 minutes in length.
  4. All details must be documented in a log. (what microphone, performer, instrument, etc.) Your documentation should be sufficient to allow another audio engineer to duplicate your project almost exactly.
  5. The following elements are required to be implemented somewhere in your project:
    1. A parametric EQ using four bands.
    2. A compressor.
    3. At least one additional FX process such as reverb or delay using 1 instance applied to 2 or more tracks.
    4. At least one clip should include a human voice singing or speaking.
  6. Your use of various techniques and effects should serve a deliberate purpose that enhances the listening process. (Do not use reverb simply because the assignment requires it, use it because it serves a meaningful purpose.)
  7. The project need not be musical in nature. You can capture your voice, sounds you make or your performance(s) on a musical instrument.
  8. You can use other people to create the sounds for your source material. However, it is required that you personally place the microphones and capture the recording(s) into Pro Tools, it is not required that you be the one causing the sounds you capture.
  9. Some of these requirements can be negotiated but you must get approval from me first.

You will be graded on your ability to capture and edit sounds, NOT on musicality or the creativity of the captured performances. Keep your focus where it counts. DO NOT waste your time seeking a perfect performance. Your task is to capture audio events and make it sound as good as possible for its purposes implementing concepts introduced in the course.

The Pro Tools Lab has a schedule of when it is open with a proctor who can assist you. Your project can not be completed with class time alone. It is vital that you spend personal time outside of class time in the lab area.

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