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BCC MUS-160 Spring 2016:

MUS-160 Critical Listening Skills Lab Abstract assignments

Mus-160: Sound Engineering 1
Meeting: Room AT-022
Section 01: MW 12:00 - 1:40
Section 02: TR 12:00 - 1:40

We will be using Critical Listening Skills for Audio Professionals Book One. The course only requires the first 10 Critical Listening Labs. These labs are to be completed on your own time using the CD supplied with the book. Reduced credit will be given for late labs and they will not be accepted out of sequence. It is vital you do not fall behind and that you complete all Critical Listening Labs.

A written abstract is required for each lab. Your abstract should be one or two paragraphs covering the first 4 points below:

  1. What was this lesson about and what were the drills it took you through?
  2. How does it relate to the lectures and reading material?
  3. How does the lab relate to the real world of the studio and live sound?
  4. Give your own opinion and impression of the usefulness of the lab.
  5. Some labs ask you to answer specific questions, include both the questions and your answers on a separate attachment stapled to your abstract.

AS YOU DO each lab write down the questions asked and your answers on a separate piece of paper. Do not include the questions and answers on the same piece of paper as the Lab Abstract. The Q&A is to be included on a separate attachment.

  • Lab 1 due class 3 Estimating the frequency of a sound
  • Lab 2 due class 5 Estimating sound level changes
  • Lab 3 due class 7 Estimating frequency band limitations
  • Lab 4 due class 10 frequency response irregularities
  • Lab 5 due class 13 Judgment of sound quality
  • Lab 6 due class 15 Detecting distortion
  • Lab 7 due class 18 Reverberation effects
  • Lab 8 due class 21 Signal versus noise
  • Lab 9 due class 24 Voice colorations
  • Lab 10 due class 27 Listening with discernment

Due dates might not be announced in class and will appear on the professor’s web site, soundchisel.com. It is acceptable and recommended that you do these labs on your own well in advance of their due date. However, you will want to hold on to your abstract until due in order to amend it based on reading materials and class lectures.

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