Squire HM5 Strat used as Sound Chisel mascot

In The SOUND CHISEL Project Studio:

Bob in the studioThe SOUND CHISEL is fully digital using up to date software centered around video and audio programs such as SONAR X3 Producer from Cakewalk, Pro Tools 10 from Avid, and various additional media platforms. Because the SOUND CHISEL is a project studio, simultaneous tracking is limited to 16 tracks. Nonetheless, the total number of layered recorded tracks is virtually unlimited.

SONAR X3 Producer and Pro Tools 10 are the hubs of the SOUND CHISEL situated in a customized and sound treated room.

The SC has enough hardware and software on hand to get the job done from venders like Presonus, APHEX, ART, Mackie, JBL, SansAmp, Line 6, Roland, Cakewalk, Audio Ease, Studio Projects, Shure, ElectroVoice, several high end guitars, bases amps, pedals and processors.

Creative assets on hand:

Roland and Korg Keyboards and various MIDI sound modules in hardware and software. The Roland GR-55 and a wide selection of various effects both software and hardware. Several name brand guitars and amps, numerous microphones and sampled instruments from all over the world including the standard orchestra.

SONAR X3 Producer - Finale - Pro Tools 10, FX processors, Wirecast & more.

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